Let’s get territorial | mark our lines in sand | build walls along a predetermined perimeter | erect watch towers and occupy our time | use language like bricks | mask our faces in paint and non-expressions | construct dams in waterways | let’s just call all this shit ours | let’s just keep us in and keep them out | —create an enemy out of nothing; create fear from nothing | let’s get on terra firma | demarcate the land that we live in | call my people ‘my people’ | let’s protect what we have and detract from what we don’t want | let’s yell our assertions and demands and whisper what is holy | let’s learn the difference of loam and peat and dirt and soil and sand and land and earth | let’s lie on the grass that grows in the mud that keeps down the rocks and water and something deeper | this is territory.

DeMisty D. Bellinger

DeMisty D. Bellinger writes and teaches from Central Massachusetts. Her books include Rubbing Elbows (poetry), Peculiar Heritage (poetry), and New to Liberty (novel). You can learn more about DeMisty at demistybellinger.com.

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