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FEATURED STORY: Feeding Time | Jen Soong

The moon is half-full and you are packing the only suitcase you own. Well, it’s your ma’s but she doesn’t know. The exterior is robin’s-egg blue with a hard shell and hairline white cracks zigzagging like lightning. Your neck cranes toward the soft blue interior pockets and you inhale cedar mothballs. You remember near the... Continue reading


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Interview With John Vercher

Hannah Grieco, editor-in-chief of the ASP Bulletin, interviews author John Vercher about his new novel Devil is Fine, from Celadon Books. I was introduced to John Vercher’s writing in my MFA program at Randolph College, where I also received the enormous gift of his mentorship. His novels are visceral, immediate, and profoundly honest. They’re generous... Continue reading


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