The ASP Bulletin, Issue 8, February 2024


Featured Interview

decompose: A conversation with poet Séamus Fey

Hannah Grieco, editor-in-chief of the ASP Bulletin, interviews poet Séamus Fey about their new poetry collection decompose, out now from Not a Cult Media.   Hannah Grieco: First: Tell us about decompose! Séamus Fey: decompose is for the cycle of growth. What you have to give up and let die, so that something new can... Continue reading

Featured Story: "The Chase" from Already Gone: 40 Stories of Running Away

FEATURED STORY: The Chase | K.C. Mead-Brewer

Here it is, The Fool, stepping off his cliff. I love you, he says, I’m saying, and fuck. Thank god the road is there to save me from myself. It’s always known how to love me best, by being there, by running away from me. Every mile I gain on it, it’s got thousands more... Continue reading



Slackjaw Sunrise

About the Artist, Dayna Copeland

Dayna Copeland is a romantic and edgy mixed-media artist, a published essayist and professional performer. A cancer mom and an elementary teacher, she is passionate about serving others in need, and representing voices who need defending.

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