Winners of the ASP Bulletin's First Annual Poetry Contest

selected by judges Teri Ellen Cross Davis and Saida Agostini

"These works are rich with searing meditations, stunning lines, and compelling endings that lived with us long after the first reading. The poets below have a keen sense of what truly matters in this form:  a willingness to root in a subject until it becomes another home that their words offer a portal into. Visit with these poems and come away carrying not just lines, but a new world."

—Saida Agostini & Teri Ellen Cross Davis

Shortlisted Poetry

Featured Interview

In Good Company: A conversation with debut author Shannon Sanders

Hannah Grieco, editor-in-chief of the ASP Bulletin, interviews author Shannon Sanders about her exciting new short story collection Company, from Graywolf Press   Hannah Grieco: Tell us about Company! Shannon Sanders: Company is a collection of thirteen linked short stories, most of them centered on the members of one multigenerational Black family. The stories tackle... Continue reading

Featured Story: "How to Fly Away" from Already Gone: 40 Stories of Running Away

FEATURED STORY: How to Fly Away | Caroljean Gavin

Wake up just before dawn. Check your phone the night before to see what time the sun is scheduled to rise. Don’t set your alarm. You don’t want your husband to wake up at the chimes. Think to yourself “Wake up at five, wake up at five, wake up at five…” until you fall asleep... Continue reading


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