Tangerine Sonnet

Is that a porcupine or a virus?
Hanging around didn’t seem safe
so I dropped last night. I take it
you did the same. Used to be
nobody would bug us on the branch,
but now squirrels, squirrels everyday
everywhere. Even on our own twig
we weren’t safe. But what do we
do now? How can we roll fast
enough to escape squirrels down here?
I can’t seem to roll at all. What if we
sprout wings, become orioles and fly
with coconuts—or are they owls?—
show the squirrels we’re top fruit?

Kenton K. Yee

Kenton K. Yee’s recent poems may be found in Hawaii Pacific Review, McNeese Review, Rogue Agent, Mantis, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Plume Poetry, Threepenny Review, and Rattle, among others. He writes from Northern California. INSTA: @kentonkyeepoet FB: @scrambled.k.eggs X: @leanpig

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