in the end we all become houses

after Margaret Atwood

in the end
               we all become

a kitchen
          with a too-short
                                 a blanket like dimpled thighs,
                                                  a shoe rack
                                                               in the corner
                                                                           for those ankles
                                                                                     that leave and return.

                                                  it seems that my body has transmogrified into
                                                  a quarter of space in a four-plex,
                                                  compartmentalized and cozy–
                                                  crooked wooden floors and
                                                  cupboards that have been sealed shut
                                                  for– oh,
                                                                                           what reason?

                                                                                                         a window ledge
                                                                                            embraces the curry
                                                                               and rosemary plants outside.
                                                                   they wait for my fingertips to
                                                     to climb and clutch
                                       and speculate about
                       the next forage into fertile soil–
               a birdflight
in reverse.

Violeta Garza

Violeta Garza (she/they/ella) is a non-binary Latinx poet and weaver from the Historic West Side of San Antonio, Texas. Named a semi-finalist for the 2023 Nine Syllables Press Chapbook Contest out of Smith College, she has been published in Acentos Review, Boundless, and Yellow Arrow Journal, among others. She is also a member of the Macondo Writing Workshop. Their safe space is listening to cheesy Mexican love ballads from the 1980s. You can peruse their work at

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