They still don’t have paper towels here.

Even Costco was rationing them, two to a customer.

I just want my assorted olives, healthy you know.

I haven’t been able to find half the things on my list.

There’re fires on the west coast. I expect I won’t find

the greens I usually buy.

Wonder how long we’ll get oranges from Florida.

The floods from the hurricanes have been horrible.

The best time to go shopping is in the morning

when you can still get ahead of the crowds.

Have you looked at the masks some people are wearing?

My favorites are the ones with kittens and puppies.

I get so upset with people pushing ahead of me.

I’m sure I need eggs as much as they do.

Does it feel like a third world country to you?

I mean -- walking into the store

and finding the shelves half empty?

Fran Abrams

Fran Abrams has had poems published in print and online, including Work Literary Magazine.  Her poems appear in six published and forthcoming anthologies, including “This is What America Looks Like” from Washington Writers Publishing House. She was a juried poet at Houston Poetry Fest in October 2019 and a featured reader at DiVerse Gaithersburg (MD) Poetry Reading Series in December 2019. Her website is

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