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The Light That Follows | Micah Chatterton

Once, drunk, two brothers decided to walk west until they reached the ocean. The older one was to be married seven days later to a kind, dark-haired woman, so the younger one never left his side for more than a minute that night. There were other, incidental men in their group, but their names have... Continue reading

Skate Sundays | Jennifer Todhunter

We had these skateboard ramps to the left of the house, a mini ramp and a vert ramp and forty or so skaters every Sunday with their dogs and stoke and speakers blasting new school punk and old school country and sometimes It’s Brittany, Bitch, and during the peak heat in summer some of the... Continue reading

Type Casting | Matthew E. Henry

“That’s some white people shit.” “What?” “Were all of the people who thought you were gay white?” “It’s not that they thought I was gay exactly…” “Not straight. Whatever. Were all of them white?” “No.” I mentally scroll through faces and races. “Yes?” “See? You don’t fit their Black-Man stereotype, other than dating white women…”... Continue reading

The Revolution comes to the Midwest | Tommy Dean

Dakota leans against the stop sign, hand outstretched flipping off driver after driver. Kids in backseats meet his eye, and he smiles, beckons them to join him. The ones that turn in their seats, heads popping up in the glass as the car retreats. These are his favorites. His fellow revolutionaries. They'll grow up remembering... Continue reading

Bump in the Night | Benjamin Woodard

A noise wakes us at 2 a.m., and when we open the door to Zoi’s bedroom, rather than spotting the five-year-old tucked under blankets, Stefani and I are greeted by Zoi’s small, padded frame wrestling with her pink down jacket, for she must already be wearing three pairs of pants, six shirts, four sets of... Continue reading

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