my favorite thing about Black people is the way we take up space

laughing loudly in the aisles
of a beauty supply store
or yelling to a friend down the block

our joy our rage our love
always full volume

always seeping from our mouth like
it’s too much to swallow

growing up in white spaces
made me want to be small

I was taught to say excuse me
like I’m asking permission
but Black sisters blare ‘coming through’
just to let you know

I spent so long
being embarrassed
by the brazen beauty
of our stubborn existence

by the burden
of hating my texture

Lord, I am begging you:
color me darker
fill my hips wider
fluff my hair bigger

Kailah Peters

Kailah Peters (K.P.) describes her writing as confessions her soul makes to her mind. As a co-founder of They Call Us literary magazine, she focuses her efforts on uplifting the voices of minorities and challenging systems of oppression. Her work questions identity, human connection, and social order. You can find her writing in Rigorus Magazine, Poet Lore, or on www.KPPeters.Weebly.Com.

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