All I hear are low notes and misery.
Tell me instead of boats and clouds
of speed and sex and dreams and bad ideas.
Tell me without the clutter. Be impersonal.
Shocking. Off-kilter. Abduct me with a dangerous tale.
Tell me you like the way I hold my drink.
Touch my hand. Whisper something stirring.
Make me nervous. Be my stranger.
Just for tonight.

Pasquale Trozzolo

Pasquale Trozzolo is founder of one of the leading advertising and public relations firms in the Midwest. He also spent time as a racecar driver and grad school professor. Now with too much time on his hands, he continues to complicate his life by living out as many retirement clichés as possible. His poems have appeared in numerous journals including Sunspot Literary Journal, The Pangolin Review, What Rough Beast, 34th Parallel, From Whispers to Roars, The Dewdrop, Wingless Dreamer, Last Leaves and Tiny Seed Journal. The Poetry Box Press published his debut chapbook Before the Distance in December of 2020. He lives in Kansas with his wife, Joan. Follow him on Facebook @poetpasquale.

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