When we kiss

the tiny snake in my ear
slithers out just so

to entwine the shiny
snake in your ear.

You slip your pointy tongue
behind my teeth

and our tiny snakes
coil and rise between us

a double helix

or some science crap
we’re missing out on

because we cut class
to kiss in the space

behind my locker
where I have a pile

of pillows and a


When you open
your eyes

and remove
your tongue

the tiny snakes

like ribbons
on a May pole


back into
their waxy


Richard Peabody

Peabody is perhaps best known as one of the founding editors for Gargoyle Magazine, which he largely funded with his own income. He is also editor for the anthology series Mondo and runs a small press called Paycock Press. Paycock Press was originally established in 1976 to publish Gargoyle Magazine, but it also has released a number of anthologies and works by individual authors.

Peabody's own fiction and poetry is often set in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding region. It is often noted for strong influences from the Beat Generation and experimental authors of the 1960s like Ken Kesey.

During his writing and publishing career, Peabody has taught fiction writing for the University of Maryland, University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, and the Writer's Center. In addition, Peabody has taught creative writing courses and workshops at St. John's College, Writer's Center, Georgetown University, and University of Maryland.

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