There are books thrown across the floor
and empty bottles at the foot of the bed
and clothes falling off of hangers
and it’s not because I’m lazy... it’s just
in science class we learned about entropy:
a clean room is more likely to become messier
than a messy room
so I’m just saving the universe some trouble.
If I start off loving you with a broken heart,
it’s nothing personal
it’s just efficient.
Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation states
that any two bodies in the universe attract each other
(so it’s no mystery how we got here).
Of course, what goes up must come down
(so it’s no mystery where we’re going).
I can’t save myself
but I can save myself some time.

Leeor Margalit

Leeor Margalit is a 23 year old Yemenite/Ashkenazi woman from southern California currently living in Israel. Her work has recently appeared in The Sutterville ReviewAs You Were: The Military ReviewThe Thing Itself, and Rigorous Magazine, among other publications. You can find her work on Instagram @leeormargalitpoems

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